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Male Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

Over time our skin loses hydration which results in the loss of elasticity forming lines and wrinkles, this is ever more noticeable when we reach middle age. Skin plumpers, also called dermal fillers, are an effective skin treatment for treating deeper lines and wrinkles. Finer lines, thinner looking crepey skin that develop around the eye, neck and backs of hands are some of the problematic areas which can be treated by skin

At Nu, we use the most advanced dermal filler products available. The new generation of fillers is of a thinner consistency than traditional fillers, giving a more natural appearance. It can treat larger areas effectively per injection. This of course means less discomfort for the client and an all together better outcome. We mainly use two types of filler- for the cheeks and to add volume to older skin we use Radiesse?, for deeper lines and wrinkles, we use Juvederm ?. Other products may be available on request.

Treatable Areas

Most areas of the face can be treated with skin plumpers. The most popular are:

Dermal Fillers?

- Cheeks

- Nose to mouth lines

- Around the eyes

- Deeper forehead lines

- Lines between the eyes on the forehead

- Décolletage lines

- Around the mouth

- Mouth to chin lines (Marionette lines)

The Procedure

After your consultation with the practitioner, a number of small injections are made along the area to be treated. The area is then massaged to ensure an even distribution of the filler. The process takes approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the area.

Later Progress

Mild swelling and a slight redness to the skin immediately post procedure may occur, but this should leave between 12 hours to three days. Saunas, sunbeds and direct heat should be avoided for at least 8 hours following treatment, as this can cause a throbbing sensation.

You will see a noticeable change in the skin's condition, usually be seen after just one treatment. Your fillers will normally last between 9 and 12 months depending on your skin condition, the area of treatment and the number of times you have had the treatment before (we find that when clients have had the treatment a number of times, the treatments last longer).

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the areas being treated, the procedure normally takes 20-40 minutes.

How long do the results last?

The effects of dermal fillers vary depending on the condition of your skin, area being treated and product used. As a very general rule of thumb, you can expert the results of dermal fillers to last 6-12 months.

Will the procedure hurt?

The procedure can be uncomfortable, so local anaesthetic is sometimes used in the area.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients only require one session to achieve the desired results. Some people choose to have occasional top-ups to maintain the look.

When can I go back to normal day-to-day activities?

You can go back to normal activities the same day. Though we recommend you avoid excessive heat for about two weeks after (e.g. sunbathing, sunbeds, saunas). There may be some bruising in the area so you may want to consider this if you are planning trips away or special days.

Are there any alternatives to this procedure?

Depending on the problem you are trying to solve, alternative treatments may be available. You can discuss this with your friendly co-ordinator or non-surgical practitioner who will be able to guide you as to the best treatments.

Can I combine this procedure with other procedures?

Yes, many clients choose to have other procedures at the same time.